Go to the DOWNLOAD section. By scrolling up or down with the arrows, you can select the desired language. You can then return to the liturgical sections by pressing the EXIT button on the top right hand corner of the screen.

iBreviary uses the language of the system (device settings). Go to Settings ? General ? International ?Language and select the desired language.

iBreviary uses the language of the system (Device Settings). Go to Settings ?General ? International ? Regional Format, and select the desired language.

To delete saved days, go to the DOWNLOAD menu ? AVAILABLE DAYS. Simply slide your finger from left to right on the day you wish to delete. Click the DELETE button which appears.

We remind you that it is not possible to save days prior to the current day since the application automatically deletes past saved days leaving only the day immediately preceding the current day.

To load the texts, please follow these instructions. Go to the DOWNLOAD section. Select  DAY and then download and save the desired day on your device.  At this point, the day will be loaded onto your device (we always suggest waiting for a few minutes depending on the speed of your connection) and you will be able to return to the liturgical sections.  Now, you will see the new day. If you would like to return to the current day, simply press the TODAY button located on the top right hand corner of the main screen.

No, you can also download the 7 days following the current day by clicking on SETTINGS and then selecting WEEK in the DOWNLOAD window.

Certainly . To change the size, simply use the "pinch-to -zoom" feature. To increase the size, move your fingers apart on the screen. To decrease the size, move your fingers together on the screen.

Unfortunately, no. iBreviary was created with the purpose of providing the texts of the Breviary and the Missal for the current day via two types of downloads: for a specific day, or for the whole week. Each downloaded day is automatically saved in the memory of your smartphone.

To select the saved day, go to SETTINGS? AVAILABLE DAYS and then select the desired day.

Pressing the TODAY button will download the texts of the day, even if they are already present on the device. If the day has already been previously downloaded, the button will change into a REDOWNLOAD TODAY button. Pressing this button in the presence of an internet connection will download the current day (and will overwrite any texts of the current day already present).

If you wish merely to select the texts of the current day, and not re-download them, this can be done via the SETTINGS menu.

Go to the SETTINGS section, and scroll down to the BACKGROUND CONTRAST window. By moving the cursor to the right or the left, you will be able to modify the contrast settings.

Go to the SETTINGS section. Scroll down until you see the LITURGICAL PROPER  window, where you can activate the desired Liturgical Proper for a particular Order or Congregation by clicking on the CALENDAR icon to the right of the name of that Proper. You will then be able to view the complete proper calendar. From this time onward, you will be automatically able to view the texts of that Liturgical Proper (where available) whenever you download the liturgical texts.

Remember that you should not install or start within your iPhone, applications that clean the cache of your phone. The cancellation of the cache can compromise iBreviary and its operation.

If I emptied the cache and iBreviary does not work anymore, you can delete it and reinstall it.



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