Thanks to the users' reports we have made some bug fixes related to the texts of the Saints.

In the latest version, when you selected the text of the saints, the texts were not correct as those of the current day were displayed. We have now fixed the problem.

Also in the new version there will be some IMPORTANT NEWS

1) Adding the "Today" button to the Home. This button will be useful, for example, when you download a day other than the current day, and you want, from the home, to quickly return to today. This is already the case in the iOS version.

2) Possibility to choose a different language for the texts downloaded automatically every day! (in the Settings menu - Home)

When you choose the new default language of the texts, by pressing the back arrow, you will automatically be taken to the Home, where the current day will be downloaded with the new language chosen.

3) In the text display screen, we have created an icon for the Settings, in order to eliminate the icons from the screen and make the texts more readable.

Screenshot 1609922091  Screenshot 1609922133

Screenshot 1609922138  Screenshot 1609922108

Screenshot 1609922114