*from an interview of Shawn Tribe, www.newliturgicalmovement.org:   


You are perhaps best known as the priest behind the "iBreviary", can you tell us a little bit about how this idea originated and came about? What was the vision behind it?  

The idea to create a breviary and a mass-book on iPhone, blackberry, android ( and now on iPad) came to me while keeping my first iPhone in my hand, three years ago. I wandered why to do not ease the prayer liturgy by putting evereything into this new medium. The thing comes out from a very simple point of view: the Breviary is the prayer established by the Church and it's connected to the idea of mobility . The new mobiles make possible to do many things while travelling, while being on the the train, on the bus, in the park, in the church. IBreviary is simply this: to link technology with the faith and the human need to talk with God, to feel closer to Him through the prayer in any time of the day.

The iBreviary initiative has expanded now into the Roman Missal, can you tell us a little bit about this?

After the offer of iBreviary it comes , obviously, the Roman Missal, which is in all the languages and increased in value by ipod. The Roman Missal is quite useful and beautiful as well due to the texts formatted, exactily like a paper book. You can find the Missal in Latin as well, and we are doing in a way to insert the Ordinary according to the rite of 1962. Of course, we don't want to replace the paper books on the Altar. We do hope to offer only a new help , especially when you have to travel and it is particularly difficult to carry the paper books, or when you officiate at Mass without people.

As a Cardinal, Benedict spoke of the need for a new liturgical movement today, something we have seen also spoken of by the likes of Msgr. Guido Marini and Cardinal Canizares Llovera. How do you see the iBreviary and the iMissal in relation to a new liturgical movement?

I think that the iBreviary can help a lot in order to a daily use of the Liturgy and its spread, especially through the actual digital media. I think that a new liturgical movement needs a connection among people living far and who differ in opinion, to show them how beautiful is the Liturgy and to talk with God. Even in 2010. Even by iphone or ipod.