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Here are all the new features for version 4.0 of iBreviary iPhone.

Today we will discuss the function of automatic reading of texts.


Who can use it?

The feature is available for iOS7 (iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, and ipad - iphone version to fit the screen of your iPad)

Paolo Padrini

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Paolo Padrini

NEWS from the Church: The first interview of Pope Francisc


*from Andrea Tornielli's Vatican Insider article.

“I can clearly see that what the Church needs today is the ability to heal wounds and warm the hearts of faithful, it needs to be by their side. I see the Church as a field hospital after a battle. It’s pointless to ask a seriously injured patient whether his cholesterol or blood sugar levels are high! It’s his wounds that need to be healed. The rest we can talk about later. Now we must think about treating those wounds. And we need to start from the bottom.”

This is the crux of Francis’ 29 page long interview with the director of Italian Jesuit magazine Civiltà Cattolica, Fr. Antonio Spadaro.

Paolo Padrini