Donate a home for Aleppo

a brick to Aleppo


Let us give a home back to those who are left with rubble


  Dear Friend,
  after six and a half years of fierce fighting at last peace is back in Aleppo, but the city, first considered one of the most beautiful in the world, is now devastated and reduced to a cemetery of rubble.

  The people of Aleppo have suffered terribly, and in this disaster many families have lost their homes.

  To help local people rebuild their future and that of the city, it is now an absolute priority to give them a home. Without a home for families, Aleppo will lose its hope and will never be able to come back to life.

  Yet our efforts alone are not enough. We need your help to rebuild the houses. That is why I appeal to your generosity today: Donate a brick to Aleppo!

  We, the Franciscans, are grateful for your closeness. With you at our side we will be able to rebuild the houses of Aleppo to give a future of peace to Syria, the second cradle of Christianity.

  Thank you so much in advance for what you might be able to do for us.
I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas

a brick to Aleppo



Fr. Ibrahim Alsabagh, ofm
Parish priest of Aleppo





a brick to Aleppo

to buy bricks, lime and cement needed for the construction works.


to help with design and labor costs for the renovation of houses.


to help us repair electrical and hydraulic systems destroyed by bombing.








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a brick to Aleppo
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